How to build AI mobile apps without coding?

How to build AI mobile apps without coding?

This blog post demonstrates how to leverage Clappia's AI block to build a mobile app that extracts information from invoices.

Key Points:

  • No coding required: Clappia's user-friendly interface allows you to create apps visually.

  • AI simplifies data extraction: The AI block automatically retrieves data from uploaded invoices.

  • Customizable for various needs:

    • Specify the data to be extracted (date, buyer information, amount, etc.).

    • Define instructions for the AI block to ensure accurate results (e.g., capturing phone number under "billing information").

    • Modify output formats (e.g., displaying date in a specific format, removing currency symbols).


  1. App Creation: Create a new app in Clappia and design the interface.

  2. Data Upload:

    • Integrate the "Camera, Images & Files" block to allow users to upload invoices.
  3. AI Block Configuration:

    • Add AI blocks for each data point you want to extract (e.g., date, buyer name, etc.).

    • Provide clear instructions for the AI block regarding data location within the invoice.

  4. Data Extraction: Upload an invoice and observe the AI block automatically extracting the specified information.

Beyond Invoice Processing:

The AI block isn't limited to invoices. It can be used for various tasks, including:

  • Quality assurance checks

  • Inventory identification

  • Data calculations

  • Image analysis


Clappia empowers you to build mobile apps that streamline data extraction and management, all without coding. With the AI block's versatility, you can unlock a world of possibilities for your business processes.