Free No-Code App: Say Goodbye to Manual Odometer Readings!

Free No-Code App: Say Goodbye to Manual Odometer Readings!

Simplify Odometer Readings with Clappia's AI

Ever struggled to decipher blurry odometer readings on expense reports or vehicle inspections? Clappia's here to help!

This blog post will show you how to use Clappia's AI features to automatically capture odometer readings from photos. This can be incredibly useful for various tasks, including:

  • Expense reports: Accurately track mileage for reimbursements.

  • Vehicle maintenance: Simplify record-keeping for oil changes and repairs.

  • Insurance: Quickly verify odometer readings for policy updates.

  • Rental services: Efficiently track vehicle usage during rentals.

  • Asset tracking: Integrate odometer readings into a broader system for fleet management.

How it Works:

Let's walk through setting up an app in Clappia to capture odometer readings with AI:

  1. Create a Custom App: We'll use Clappia to build a simple app for recording vehicle information, including odometer readings.

  2. Capture Images: Add a field where users can upload pictures of the odometer.

  3. Activate AI: Add an AI block to the app. In the instructions, tell the AI to analyze the uploaded image and extract the odometer reading.

  4. Refine Results (Optional): If the AI captures unwanted text along with the reading, you can adjust the instructions to focus solely on the numbers.


  • Save Time: Eliminate manual data entry and potential errors.

  • Boost Accuracy: Capture readings accurately, even from blurry photos.

  • Simplify Workflows: Integrate odometer readings seamlessly into your existing processes.

Mobile Convenience:

The Clappia app also allows you to capture and process odometer readings on the go! Simply download the app, access your custom app, and follow the same steps mentioned earlier.

Get Started with Clappia Today!

Clappia's AI features can revolutionize the way you handle odometer readings. Sign up for Clappia and experience the efficiency and accuracy it offers.