How to add/attach video to a  Mobile Form?

How to add/attach video to a Mobile Form?

Capture Compelling Video Evidence with Clappia's Mobile App

Have you ever felt limited by static text and images in your mobile data collection apps? Imagine an app that lets users capture live video recordings to provide richer, more detailed information. Clappia makes it possible! This blog post will show you how to integrate video capture functionality into your custom Clappia apps.

Why Capture Videos in Your Clappia Apps?

  • Enhanced Data Collection: Videos provide a more comprehensive picture compared to text or images. This is especially valuable for inspections, assessments, or capturing demonstrations.

  • Clearer Communication: Videos can showcase procedures, document issues, or highlight specific details visually, leading to better communication and understanding.

  • Increased Engagement: Interactive video recording can boost user engagement and improve data quality.

Adding Video Capture to Your Clappia App

The good news is that adding video capture to your Clappia app is a breeze – no coding required! Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose Your App: Select the Clappia app where you want to enable video capture. This could be an inspection app, a field reporting app, or any other app that would benefit from visual data.

  2. Design Your Capture Point: Navigate to the "Designer" section in Clappia and locate the part of your app where you want users to capture videos. This could be a dedicated "Video Capture" section or integrated within a specific task workflow.

  3. Integrate the Camera Block: Drag and drop the "Camera Image and Files" block into your chosen location within the app design. This block allows users to capture and upload videos.

  4. Configure the Block (Optional): While the default settings work well, you can further customize the block in the right-hand panel. Here, you can:

    • Set Allowed File Types: Choose "Videos" for video uploads.

    • Limit File Size (Optional): Specify a maximum file size (e.g., 20 MB) to manage storage requirements.

    • Enable Multiple Uploads (Optional): Allow users to upload multiple videos if needed.

    • Set File Name Prefix (Optional): Add a prefix to the uploaded video filenames for better organization (e.g., "Inspection_").

Let's Capture That Video!

Once you've configured the block, your app is ready for live video capture! Here's how it works:

  1. Users Download the Clappia App: Instruct your users to download the free Clappia app from the Play Store or App Store.

  2. Access Your Custom App: Users will be able to access your custom app within the Clappia interface.

  3. Capture Live Video: When they reach the video capture section, users can simply tap the record button to capture a live video recording (up to 20 seconds by default, or 30 seconds for white-labeled apps).

  4. Submit the Video: Once captured, users can review the video and submit it along with other app data.

Remember: Currently, video uploads are not supported in offline mode. However, white-labeled Clappia apps allow users to capture videos and submit data offline. When they regain internet connectivity, the submissions will automatically sync with the uploaded videos.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Description Field: Add a description field next to the video capture block to provide clear instructions to users.

  • Variable Data: Utilize Clappia's variable data functionality to dynamically set the file name prefix based on user input or other app data fields.

Capture the Power of Video with Clappia!

By integrating video capture into your Clappia app, you can unlock a new level of data richness and user engagement. Start your free Clappia trial today and experience the benefits firsthand!

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